Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, 17

As I write this, the biggest part of my mind is weary. When is this foolishness going to end? When will being Black in public stop being a crime? All I can think of is the pain and unbearable grief his mother is going through right now because a man was so caught up in trying to be the neighborhood hero, he saw a boy through (dare I say) racist-colored lenses, confronted him even after he was advised to stay back from the boy, shot and killed him. Trayvon was only carrying Skittles and iced tea. Skittles. Iced tea. He was walking back to his father's home, probably thinking about what he was going to be doing later that day. 
Except now, we will never know what he was thinking. George Zimmerman, in all his careless, stupid, gung-ho grandeur, shot and killed Trayvon. As brave as George had been, even packing heat on his neighborhood watch, he confronted a teen half his size, approached him as if he had no right walking in that neighborhood, then shot and killed him, claiming self-defense.
Meantime, the police are putting up a half-assed front, saying there is no evidence to contradict George's claim. It seems they are dragging their feet on releasing the dispatch recordings that indicate what actually happened. How the dispatch told Zimmerman to stay away from the boy when he called to report someone suspicious in the neighborhood. Instead, he is free as a bird, no arrest seemingly on the horizon. Trayvon's family has to suffer through knowing this man walks the streets while the cops put on a lethargic investigation into the incident.
My question is this - where are all the celebrities? Everybody and their mama seem to want to go after Kony, but aren't speaking that loudly about the boogeyman here at home. Yes - I said boogeyman, because Zimmerman and his ilk is the stuff bad dreams are made of. What happened is every Black parent's nightmare, and is the experience of too many of us. If you have ten Black men as friends and family, most - if not all of them, have been subjected to driving, eating, walking, or just existing while Black. Every Black male I know, from children to old men, have been trained to be extra careful and courteous so a police officer won't get a knee-jerk reaction and shoot you down like Amadou Diallo, or Sean Bell. I have been subjected to extra questioning, or assumptions about my talents and abilities because of my color. We won't even talk about how every time a young White woman gets attacked or goes missing, all she has to do is claim a Black man did it and the community tweaks out with rage (except when they find out she lied, then it all goes quietly away, with apology buried on page 6).

So this is my way of saying I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I pray for the day when someone like Zimmerman won't be able to walk free after committing such a heinous crime out in the open with the police sitting on their thumbs, seeming to drag out the investigation until it is forgotten. And I am not going to put up Zimmerman's picture, especially in the same post with such a sweet young man who was full of promises, life, and hope. What I will do is keep bringing attention to this, and if I have anything to do with it, Trayvon will not be forgotten.
What are you going to do? Will you join me in supporting his family until we see justice? Will you watch out for our young men, related or not, and fight for a world where all our children can enjoy a walk to the corner store for some candy, just like anybody else without the George Zimmermans of the world so willing and able to gun them down? Where are all the famous people?
I am Trayvon Martin. Are you?

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Freakin' New Year!

Happy New Year 2012 Bit-chezzzzz!!!!!!! *TWEEEEEEEEEEEE*
Wow. 2011 flew by like it had wings on it. So many things have happened in the world this year that it is almost impossible to think more crazy ish can happen in 2012. 2011 brought us:
  •  Arab Spring - people are getting tired of despots and iron-fisted stripping of human rights, and this is one of the results
  • Mubarak is gone from Egypt. He was their leader almost my whole life (and I am up there in age!) and now he is gone. Egyptians say Good Riddance. Let's hope 2012 brings them peace and leadership that has their best interests at heart
  • Ivory Coast even kicked out their leader who wouldn't leave on his own after elections. Let's hope ninjas just leave when they ain't wanted...
  • Prince William got married. Yay for Princess Diana's son. That's all I got for that...
  • The death of Osama bin Laden (he got his azz really handed to him) brought on by Special Forces (SEALs) in Pakistan. Remember when President Obama said bin Laden would be found in Pakistan, but the naysayers said he ain't know what he was talking about? Remember the announcement came during the last part of Trump's (aka Swirly Lacefront) Apprentice show? All this after President Obama revealed his birth certificate again to shut the assholes down so he can be about business. Spectacular!
  • The space shuttle Atlantis made the last space shuttle flight for the shuttle program. Who knows what our next space transport will be?
  • There was an earthquake on the east coast of the U.S. - some glasses moved across a table, some damage was done (the Washington Monument has some cracks in it), and folks had something to talk about around the now-tilted water cooler.
  • Qaddafi was killed, ending a long, long period of his grip over the Libyan people. Let's hope they find their way and new (competent leaders).
  • The Iraq War is over. Funny how political opportunists who want to make this about lose or win just overlook the fact we were supposed to leave at the end of 2011 any way (SOFA agreement), and the President was just holding up our end of the agreement. Aaaannnnnd...we are starting to downshift in Afghanistan.
  • Gay people can get married in New York, and contrary to what anti-gay marriage folks would lead you to believe, the world did not stop turning, and families did not die off. And guess what? Kim Kardashian still got married and separated in spite of gay marriage, I still got married, and as a matter of fact, heterosexual marriages still happened. Wow. Imagine that. And some folks are still against it, even though they have been proven wrong...I have a wish that they start making common sense freely available to everybody.
All of this, and we still have to go through a crazy election year. The GOP is throwing candidate crap at the wall to see what sticks, Tea Party folks are finding out the hard way that reading is fundamental and ignorance is NOT bliss, and folks are getting used to the fact that the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is not ending the world! Gay folks can serve freely and openly while identifying as gay, and guess what? The military is not crashing down around us. 

The Mayan calendar has the world ending in December of 2012, and the GOP says we are on the brink of disaster if President Obama gets re-elected. So I will do my best to bring on the apocalypse by helping him win re-election by getting folks registered and educated about voting. As for the Mayan thing...it's a wait-and-see thing, right?

So have a safe and Happy New Year, and make 2012 the best year for YOU! Let's love more, treat each other better, be kinder to family and friends, and think before we speak and act. 

What is your New Year going to be about? I don't do resolutions, but do you? Please do share...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

If you have watched any news at all, or been on Twitter at all, you might have heard about the two brothers who got arrested, and while in the back of the police car, one brother coaxes the other one to help him get rid of his cocaine. The ounce he had hidden. In his butt.

Yeah, I know, right? I have been imagining this conversation in my head:

Big Brother: DAMN! I can't believe dis shit right here, bruh! We got big trouble...
Little Brother: Man - I told you we was gonna get caught up, main! How we gettin' outta dis one, tho?
BB: I got a plan. But you gonna hafta do a little sum'n sum'n...
LB: Like what?
BB: I need you to get rid of my coke, dawg.
LB: What coke? The only coke you got is that ounce in the plastic you put in yo azz.
BB: What if  - while dey outside the car - what if you get the coke and get rid of it.
LB: Main - I'm handcuffed just like you nigga!
BB: Naw - just scooch down in the seat and grab it wit yo mouf, man! It's in my butt...
LB: o__O
BB: Don't look at me like dat, Nicca. Just...
LB: O__O
BB: If you don't we bout to go down hard. 
LB: Man, if you tell ANYBODY bout dis...

This man begged his younger brother to eat his hidden drugs because he didn't want to catch another strike, but since LB didn't have any, well...

Since he did this favor for him, he died almost instantly after ingesting the drugs. Went into convulsions and died right there. And what did his big brother do? Tell the cops he must have ingested some residue from the seat. The police looked at the video from the inside of the car and were in utter disbelief and shock at what they saw.

Whatever happened to looking out for your family?!?!?! How could he even think this was even remotely okay? Granted - it wasn't like they were members of a brain trust or anything, but C'MON SON!!!

Last I heard - the police are looking for him since he bonded out or something. Woulda had him in custody had they looked at the video right away. Jesus really needs to take the wheel on this one...

I know this is the Holiday season, but can't folks at least try to do better? A little bit?

Finally, please take care of yourselves out there. You nay not be the drunk fool behind the wheel, or at the big party draped over the balcony, but you might be impacted by one. Be nice, be sweet, and be back for the New Year! BTW - 2012 is the year the Mayans said the world is supposed to end, right? Aaaaannnnnddd...the Presidential election is next year, too. Looks like interesting times ahead!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Should a Presidential Candidate Be Smarter Than the Average Bear?

You would think somebody running for the office of the leader of the free world - President of the United States would be smarter than the average bear, right?

Hey Boo Boo! Where's my Pic-a-nic basket, ninja?

I mean, it should be important to know basic stuff, like the Constitution, so you know the powers and limitations of the three branches of government, and the rights responsibilities of the citizens of this great country. You should know something about the world - allied countries, border issues, foreign policy, who is leading what - basic high school world geography and civics stuff. A leader should be able to name at least one world leader and country off the top of his or her head, address some global issues as a world citizen, and still reach out to all people - rich or poor, Black, White, or other. Aaaaaannnd - this is a big one - represent the best interests of all your people, rather than push the personal agenda of a few to the detriment of the many. Doesn't sound that hard, right? Instead, all I keep seeing in these laughable Republican debates and sound bites are:

For real, tho?

I will be completely honest with you here. I am a supporter of President Obama, and although I may not agree with everything he is doing, I temper that by admitting I don't know what is going on behind the scenes, and well, he is not just my President - he is the President of the United States. Plus he is fighting through a Republican-majority Congress with an obstructionist agenda, and Democrats that have no...ah, but all that is for some other 'nother post. What I am addressing here is the debacle I am seeing unfold before my very eyes. I listen - I really do. I firmly believe if you have a problem with the way the President is doing things, rather than complain, offer up solutions. But - what I am hearing is:

  • Michelle Bachmann stating that everyone should be able to pay at least a little taxes. After all, for the equivalent of two Happy Meals, a poor person should be able to pay something for the year. Give back some of what you take. So - is she going to give back some of that farm subsidy money her family took? For the equivalent of some of her farmland laying fallow she should be able to give something back.
  • Herman Cain with his selective and ever-changing memory of whether he met the woman who came public about his "proposition", and then taking pics with her, as well as not knowing, then knowing a little, then aware of some of the foggy details...all this on top of calling it a "lynching" by the media. Not to mention the accusations that happened before during is time as President of the National Restaurant Association. But Herman - you said racism is a non-factor these days, Why call it a lynching? If you want a true, graphic example of lynching, go here. It doesn't get more real than this. Stay away from the Clarence Thomas playbook - folks are smarter than that these days. To top it off he does not know anything. He keeps saying "That's what my people are for." Or he tries to Jedi mind-trick you by bouncing your question back to you. I could do a whole post about him alone, but he is being thoroughly "vetted" by other, more seasoned bloggers - shout out to AverageBro, OneChele, and Field Negro. Herman - you need new people.
  • Rick Perry not knowing crap. He knows nothing. And he thinks that ish is funny! Is he high on something? Does he take a tab of E before he goes on stage? What the HELL, Texas? I think he is punking us. I keep expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind a curtain to let us know we are being punked just to say "Man! You should see the looks on your faces! We got you this time - HA!" Plus - he co-signs that whole birther crap. iCan't with you, Rick.
  • Mitt Romney is all but being ignored in this whole crapstorm. Ultimately, I think his Mormon beliefs will hold him back, as Mormonism is being considered a cult by some. Yep - somehow in this country, there is some unwritten amendment that states the not only do you have to be a Christian to run for President, but you have believe in the correct Christianity to be considered seriously. Seriously? Seriously, as serious as Herman Cain's campaign manager sucking on the cigarette at the end of his porn-tastic campaign video. (Shout out to Damon Williams and the TJMS!)
  • The rest of the candidates are just side shows to this hot, runny mess. I am really just stunned. I'm not even talking about how all of these guys keep blaming POTUS for the deficit, when most of it happened before his watch. Or how they are pissed we are leaving Iraq, saying President Obama cost us the war, when the SOFA written during the Bush presidency clearly stated we must leave by the end of 2011. Don't even get me started on the whole being mad that bin Laden was killed during President Obama's term.
 In other words, all we are getting is:

I want to hear solutions, not sound bites and catchy phrases. I want to be able to hear what you said, then be able to look it up - research it for validity. I want to see your sources and be able to gain an understanding of what your platform is. If you really want to see some facts, just go here or here. Neutral fact checking sites that will give anyone with a computer and some motivation for truth the scoop on the stuff you may question. To do some homework, you don't even have to be a brainiac.

You mean I don't have to wear these glasses?

The President needs to be smarter than me. He or she should be able to answer my questions and not kick me to the curb by telling me they are not going to answer it. The potential POTUS should be able to represent us on the world stage, because at some point, he or she has to leave this country and interact with the world. The President needs to represent good, wholesome family values, and embrace the idea that this country is diverse, with folks from all walks of life and persuasions. Say what you want about any policies you agree or disagree with, we have a POTUS that represents these and then some. No N-word Head rock in his front yard, no homophobic rants and clinics, no paranoid conspiracies. No playing find the pickle with random women. Just leadership that represents all of its citizens and the idea that this is still the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free *cue the National Anthem*.

What do you think we need in a President? Do you think the current field of Republican candidates sincerely have our best interests, or are there some selfish, ego-driven agendas going on? If you had to choose a Republican candidate, which one, and why? It doesn't even have to be one on stage. Just keep it civil, please.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July! Declare Your Independence - From Your Box!

Happy Independence Day! Anyone with a basic knowledge of Independence Day knows that it is celebration of the day the thirteen colonies decided to gain freedom from the British Empire, and create a nation of its own. Great speeches are made, some good food is BBQ'd, fireworks are displayed, and we celebrate with family and friends. So - what are you going to celebrate your independence from? I am going to celebrate thinking outside my own box. The box I created when I bought my home and began to just live to pay bills to keep the house where I live to go out and work to pay bills to...you get the picture. Since this time last year, I have been getting better financially, I am happier in general, I earned by Bachelor degree, and I met my soul mate. So guess what now? I am seriously considering moving. Leaving Virginia. Going away from the house I have been living in since it was new construction.

I have always heard you should settle down when you get the chance. So, I did that. Now - I am not unhappy. As a matter of fact, life is pretty frickin' awesome, and God has overflowed my cup with so many blessings, I almost can't contain 'em all. But my recent visit to Georgia has opened my eyes to opportunities and possibilities. To top it off, my man said he has no problem making that move with me.

What holds us back from exercising our options and taking advantage of new opportunities? Afraid to take a leap? Probably. Concerned about what others may say? Meh - could be. For me, I was worried if my mother would want to visit, or in the future, come live with us. She says she has no desire to move south, and it may well be she won't want to come and stay with us. But at this point, I can't make life's decisions on what others may or may not want for me. In the end, I am the one (and my sweetie) that must make these life decisions so we can be truly happy. And to me, that is what true independence is all about.

What is keeping you in your box? Or have you already made the decision to take that leap and follow a calling or a different path? Please - do share...

Monday, June 6, 2011

To Tweet or Not to Tweet - That is the...What the $&#% Did You Just Send Me!?!?!

I have a question. What is going on with perfectly grown-A adults finding the time (and apparently the balls) to post crotch shots and body shots on very public sites like Twitter, Face Book, and other social sites? I mean - is this the new obscene phone call? Really?!?!

                                       Definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Today, Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted he tweeted pics of himself and his package to women other than his wife. He admitted he lied because he panicked when he was exposed, and is now coming forward to tell the truth so he can continue to do his job without this hanging over his head. Now - there are a whole lotta jokes in this paragraph already, so I won't go there. However, has he been living under a rock? Does he not know of other public figures getting outed for doing this Very. Same. Thing.

What makes these folks indulge in the modern-day version of the dirty phone call, knowing that once something is out there, it stays out there. Images of his underwear tweet will be available as long as there is an internet - and that ain't going away anytime soon. And to top it off, he was exposed by Andrew Breitbart. Yes Andrew Breitbart - the man who takes credit for the downfall of ACORN and jacked up Shirley Sherrod (she is suing his azz, I think). If anything, knowing there are folks out there just salivating at the chance to bring you down and distract the nation from what's really going on, you would want to keep pants on. Mr. Breitbart even bogarded Weiner's press conference, and he is soaking up the attention. Just goes to show that nasty pervs are not just part of one political party.

Now - why is Rep. Weiner so important? Why is any of this important for that matter? To me, it distracts the general public from the issues that are really important, and allows current political discourse to devolve into some whiny, catty, name-calling, useless process that doesn't get anything done. What is the motivation behind exposing this stuff? It seems counter-productive and just plain stupid, and doesn't elevate the current climate to something better.

The pictures - ick. And Ewww. Andrew Breitbart, and anybody making it their crusade to insert this crap into the political conversation - ick. And Ewww. As for me, I will keep my eyes on the issues, and not be distracted by shiny things. Or dangling things. As for the whole sordid thing (including you too, John Edwards):

                                                 I am so done with all y'all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot Garbage Report

Well - this is the first entry of my Hot Garbage Report. To be considered worthy of a Hot Garbage post, your behavior must be inexcusable, trifling, beyond sympathy, and just plain ol' ratched. Without further ado, my first report is devoted to: actor Richard T. Jones! Yes, the same Richard T. Jones of the Why Did I Get Married movies, and who has a pretty impressive TV and movie filmography. He was tapped to be the commencement speaker at UMUC (University of Maryland University College). When presented with this honor, it would have benefited him to be well-prepared, including, maybe, having something to say. Or at least gibbadamn. Just watch:

When I first saw this on Media Strut, I thought: it cannot be that bad. Perhaps he might have stuttered or had a microphone malfunction. No - he didn't even try to have anything relevant or worthy to say. As I watched this, my heart sunk for the graduates and their relatives and friends who attended this ceremony. I think that if you spent time, money, and brain power working hard to get your degree, the least a speaker could do is be prepared to give you words of wisdom, or even some encouragement and good feelings to take with you.

Nah - that was too hard. He could have phoned it in and it would not have been worse. Heck...I am quite sure if he asked, he could have had somebody write him a decent speech that would have allowed him to keep face and keep from embarrassing the UMUC faculty, staff, and students.

This is not a good look, and you really cannot un-ring this bell. Mr. Jones owes the school and the graduation attendees a serious apology. He could contact me and I could write one for him real cheap. I mean...wow.

Does Richard T. Jones owe UMUC an apology? Have you witnessed an embarrassing speech or had an event get screwed up because somebody wasn't prepared? Is this an example of how we have GOT to do better?