Monday, June 6, 2011

To Tweet or Not to Tweet - That is the...What the $&#% Did You Just Send Me!?!?!

I have a question. What is going on with perfectly grown-A adults finding the time (and apparently the balls) to post crotch shots and body shots on very public sites like Twitter, Face Book, and other social sites? I mean - is this the new obscene phone call? Really?!?!

                                       Definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Today, Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted he tweeted pics of himself and his package to women other than his wife. He admitted he lied because he panicked when he was exposed, and is now coming forward to tell the truth so he can continue to do his job without this hanging over his head. Now - there are a whole lotta jokes in this paragraph already, so I won't go there. However, has he been living under a rock? Does he not know of other public figures getting outed for doing this Very. Same. Thing.

What makes these folks indulge in the modern-day version of the dirty phone call, knowing that once something is out there, it stays out there. Images of his underwear tweet will be available as long as there is an internet - and that ain't going away anytime soon. And to top it off, he was exposed by Andrew Breitbart. Yes Andrew Breitbart - the man who takes credit for the downfall of ACORN and jacked up Shirley Sherrod (she is suing his azz, I think). If anything, knowing there are folks out there just salivating at the chance to bring you down and distract the nation from what's really going on, you would want to keep pants on. Mr. Breitbart even bogarded Weiner's press conference, and he is soaking up the attention. Just goes to show that nasty pervs are not just part of one political party.

Now - why is Rep. Weiner so important? Why is any of this important for that matter? To me, it distracts the general public from the issues that are really important, and allows current political discourse to devolve into some whiny, catty, name-calling, useless process that doesn't get anything done. What is the motivation behind exposing this stuff? It seems counter-productive and just plain stupid, and doesn't elevate the current climate to something better.

The pictures - ick. And Ewww. Andrew Breitbart, and anybody making it their crusade to insert this crap into the political conversation - ick. And Ewww. As for me, I will keep my eyes on the issues, and not be distracted by shiny things. Or dangling things. As for the whole sordid thing (including you too, John Edwards):

                                                 I am so done with all y'all!