Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July! Declare Your Independence - From Your Box!

Happy Independence Day! Anyone with a basic knowledge of Independence Day knows that it is celebration of the day the thirteen colonies decided to gain freedom from the British Empire, and create a nation of its own. Great speeches are made, some good food is BBQ'd, fireworks are displayed, and we celebrate with family and friends. So - what are you going to celebrate your independence from? I am going to celebrate thinking outside my own box. The box I created when I bought my home and began to just live to pay bills to keep the house where I live to go out and work to pay bills get the picture. Since this time last year, I have been getting better financially, I am happier in general, I earned by Bachelor degree, and I met my soul mate. So guess what now? I am seriously considering moving. Leaving Virginia. Going away from the house I have been living in since it was new construction.

I have always heard you should settle down when you get the chance. So, I did that. Now - I am not unhappy. As a matter of fact, life is pretty frickin' awesome, and God has overflowed my cup with so many blessings, I almost can't contain 'em all. But my recent visit to Georgia has opened my eyes to opportunities and possibilities. To top it off, my man said he has no problem making that move with me.

What holds us back from exercising our options and taking advantage of new opportunities? Afraid to take a leap? Probably. Concerned about what others may say? Meh - could be. For me, I was worried if my mother would want to visit, or in the future, come live with us. She says she has no desire to move south, and it may well be she won't want to come and stay with us. But at this point, I can't make life's decisions on what others may or may not want for me. In the end, I am the one (and my sweetie) that must make these life decisions so we can be truly happy. And to me, that is what true independence is all about.

What is keeping you in your box? Or have you already made the decision to take that leap and follow a calling or a different path? Please - do share...