Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot Garbage Report

Well - this is the first entry of my Hot Garbage Report. To be considered worthy of a Hot Garbage post, your behavior must be inexcusable, trifling, beyond sympathy, and just plain ol' ratched. Without further ado, my first report is devoted to: actor Richard T. Jones! Yes, the same Richard T. Jones of the Why Did I Get Married movies, and who has a pretty impressive TV and movie filmography. He was tapped to be the commencement speaker at UMUC (University of Maryland University College). When presented with this honor, it would have benefited him to be well-prepared, including, maybe, having something to say. Or at least gibbadamn. Just watch:

When I first saw this on Media Strut, I thought: it cannot be that bad. Perhaps he might have stuttered or had a microphone malfunction. No - he didn't even try to have anything relevant or worthy to say. As I watched this, my heart sunk for the graduates and their relatives and friends who attended this ceremony. I think that if you spent time, money, and brain power working hard to get your degree, the least a speaker could do is be prepared to give you words of wisdom, or even some encouragement and good feelings to take with you.

Nah - that was too hard. He could have phoned it in and it would not have been worse. Heck...I am quite sure if he asked, he could have had somebody write him a decent speech that would have allowed him to keep face and keep from embarrassing the UMUC faculty, staff, and students.

This is not a good look, and you really cannot un-ring this bell. Mr. Jones owes the school and the graduation attendees a serious apology. He could contact me and I could write one for him real cheap. I mean...wow.

Does Richard T. Jones owe UMUC an apology? Have you witnessed an embarrassing speech or had an event get screwed up because somebody wasn't prepared? Is this an example of how we have GOT to do better?

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