Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Freakin' New Year!

Happy New Year 2012 Bit-chezzzzz!!!!!!! *TWEEEEEEEEEEEE*
Wow. 2011 flew by like it had wings on it. So many things have happened in the world this year that it is almost impossible to think more crazy ish can happen in 2012. 2011 brought us:
  •  Arab Spring - people are getting tired of despots and iron-fisted stripping of human rights, and this is one of the results
  • Mubarak is gone from Egypt. He was their leader almost my whole life (and I am up there in age!) and now he is gone. Egyptians say Good Riddance. Let's hope 2012 brings them peace and leadership that has their best interests at heart
  • Ivory Coast even kicked out their leader who wouldn't leave on his own after elections. Let's hope ninjas just leave when they ain't wanted...
  • Prince William got married. Yay for Princess Diana's son. That's all I got for that...
  • The death of Osama bin Laden (he got his azz really handed to him) brought on by Special Forces (SEALs) in Pakistan. Remember when President Obama said bin Laden would be found in Pakistan, but the naysayers said he ain't know what he was talking about? Remember the announcement came during the last part of Trump's (aka Swirly Lacefront) Apprentice show? All this after President Obama revealed his birth certificate again to shut the assholes down so he can be about business. Spectacular!
  • The space shuttle Atlantis made the last space shuttle flight for the shuttle program. Who knows what our next space transport will be?
  • There was an earthquake on the east coast of the U.S. - some glasses moved across a table, some damage was done (the Washington Monument has some cracks in it), and folks had something to talk about around the now-tilted water cooler.
  • Qaddafi was killed, ending a long, long period of his grip over the Libyan people. Let's hope they find their way and new (competent leaders).
  • The Iraq War is over. Funny how political opportunists who want to make this about lose or win just overlook the fact we were supposed to leave at the end of 2011 any way (SOFA agreement), and the President was just holding up our end of the agreement. Aaaannnnnd...we are starting to downshift in Afghanistan.
  • Gay people can get married in New York, and contrary to what anti-gay marriage folks would lead you to believe, the world did not stop turning, and families did not die off. And guess what? Kim Kardashian still got married and separated in spite of gay marriage, I still got married, and as a matter of fact, heterosexual marriages still happened. Wow. Imagine that. And some folks are still against it, even though they have been proven wrong...I have a wish that they start making common sense freely available to everybody.
All of this, and we still have to go through a crazy election year. The GOP is throwing candidate crap at the wall to see what sticks, Tea Party folks are finding out the hard way that reading is fundamental and ignorance is NOT bliss, and folks are getting used to the fact that the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is not ending the world! Gay folks can serve freely and openly while identifying as gay, and guess what? The military is not crashing down around us. 

The Mayan calendar has the world ending in December of 2012, and the GOP says we are on the brink of disaster if President Obama gets re-elected. So I will do my best to bring on the apocalypse by helping him win re-election by getting folks registered and educated about voting. As for the Mayan's a wait-and-see thing, right?

So have a safe and Happy New Year, and make 2012 the best year for YOU! Let's love more, treat each other better, be kinder to family and friends, and think before we speak and act. 

What is your New Year going to be about? I don't do resolutions, but do you? Please do share...

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