Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

If you have watched any news at all, or been on Twitter at all, you might have heard about the two brothers who got arrested, and while in the back of the police car, one brother coaxes the other one to help him get rid of his cocaine. The ounce he had hidden. In his butt.

Yeah, I know, right? I have been imagining this conversation in my head:

Big Brother: DAMN! I can't believe dis shit right here, bruh! We got big trouble...
Little Brother: Man - I told you we was gonna get caught up, main! How we gettin' outta dis one, tho?
BB: I got a plan. But you gonna hafta do a little sum'n sum'n...
LB: Like what?
BB: I need you to get rid of my coke, dawg.
LB: What coke? The only coke you got is that ounce in the plastic you put in yo azz.
BB: What if  - while dey outside the car - what if you get the coke and get rid of it.
LB: Main - I'm handcuffed just like you nigga!
BB: Naw - just scooch down in the seat and grab it wit yo mouf, man! It's in my butt...
LB: o__O
BB: Don't look at me like dat, Nicca. Just...
LB: O__O
BB: If you don't we bout to go down hard. 
LB: Man, if you tell ANYBODY bout dis...

This man begged his younger brother to eat his hidden drugs because he didn't want to catch another strike, but since LB didn't have any, well...

Since he did this favor for him, he died almost instantly after ingesting the drugs. Went into convulsions and died right there. And what did his big brother do? Tell the cops he must have ingested some residue from the seat. The police looked at the video from the inside of the car and were in utter disbelief and shock at what they saw.

Whatever happened to looking out for your family?!?!?! How could he even think this was even remotely okay? Granted - it wasn't like they were members of a brain trust or anything, but C'MON SON!!!

Last I heard - the police are looking for him since he bonded out or something. Woulda had him in custody had they looked at the video right away. Jesus really needs to take the wheel on this one...

I know this is the Holiday season, but can't folks at least try to do better? A little bit?

Finally, please take care of yourselves out there. You nay not be the drunk fool behind the wheel, or at the big party draped over the balcony, but you might be impacted by one. Be nice, be sweet, and be back for the New Year! BTW - 2012 is the year the Mayans said the world is supposed to end, right? Aaaaannnnnddd...the Presidential election is next year, too. Looks like interesting times ahead!

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